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One of the big controversies of session handling concerns the performance difference between storing session state in an HTTP session object and using a stateful session bean. My colleagues and I expected that it would be more efficient to store data in an HTTP session object, as we were under the impression that there is more overhead involved with the infrastructure of session beans in the EJB container. Therefore, we were interested in measuring the performance of each method, to prove or disprove our initial notion. To test this out, we created a small application that we used to store a specified amount of randomly generated content in either an HTTP session object or in a stateful session bean (size=number_of_bytes_to_store). Our application consisted of a single class, the SessionServlet, which we used both as a servlet and as a session listener. The servlet... (more)

Zadrozny on Scott McNealy: "Open Source is Free Like a Puppy is Free"

I have always enjoyed Scott McNealy's knack for analogies, and this one is really right on the money: "Open Source is free like a puppy is free. There are long term costs and hassles, and occasional cleanup jobs." As I have stated in previous occasions, the fact that software is open source and thus free doesn't automatically make it good. I'm not going to rehash on all the arguments about open source, but will instead focus specifically on this comment from McNealy. Sometime in my dark past I used to be a VP of IT (or CIO as they are called nowadays). When I had to justify a proj... (more)

Is Your E-Mail Being Delivered?

Considering that e-mail is the killer application of the Internet, this question seems rather unexpected. After all, every time we click the send button, things seem to work. After reading this article you'll be amazed at the journey your e-mail goes through and even more amazed that it sometimes makes its way to the intended recipient at all. Part of the problem is that the underlying infrastructure of e-mail is almost 25 years old and broken. The famous Sendmail program of Unix was written in 1981, and very little has been done to update it. Other programs, such as qmail and P... (more)

BPEL To The Rescue: A Real-World Account on SOA Web Services

After spending much of last year learning to use the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) to orchestrate Web Services and realize the benefits of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), we felt it was time for us to climb down off the bleeding edge of the razor and share our story about the real-world realities of implementing a BPEL-based project. Policy Studies, Inc. (PSI) provides outsourcing, technology and consulting to government and private agencies. Outsourcing is a significant part of its business; and this service includes performing certain functions on behalf of ... (more)

The Performance of EJB 3.0

We've all heard about the simplicity and power of the EJB 3.0 specification. And because this has proven to be true, we can't help but think that performance must be rather poor. After all, all that simplicity must come at a price. With this in mind, we set out to test EJB 3.0's performance using Oracle's implementation of the specification. Although the implementation we used is a developer preview, where the focus is typically on product stability instead of performance, our expectations are that the performance will be below or in the best case the same as previous versions o... (more)